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November 29 - December 3, 2023 / Corpus Christi, Texas

Wednesday November 29, 2023 / 7:00pm – 10:00pm – 3 HOURS

SHORT BLOCK 01 – Welcome to STUFF


(de)Vice Grip | Padrick Sean Ritch. 3 min. Texas Premiere.

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ELVIS | Fabrizio Fanelli. 13 min. US Premiere.

Elvis struggles to become an adult is populated by strange people that live the area where he use to walk all alone the most of the day, some of them are positive and give him good suggestion, others are just common people living their life.


Spiral to the Center | Alisa Stern, Scott Ampleford. 29 min. Texas Premiere.

A documentary filmmaker follows Rick down the rabbit hole as he investigates a mysterious vinyl record.


Holy Moly Meteorite | V. Leigh. 3 min. Texas Premiere.

A meteorite is headed to earth and Patty and Bobby are on their first (and last) official date. What could go wrong?


Road To Roswell - A Welcome To Roswell Short | Storm Miguel Florez. 11 min. Texas Premiere.

A transgender filmmaker returns to Roswell, NM to document coming out to his family - Roswell’s UFO past may have different plans for him.


Hero Complex | Matthew J Thornton. 11 min.

A night of casual intoxication spirals out of control when a man and his morals are put to the test.


Bomb | Michael Scott Payton. 13 min.

A timid roadie must prove themselves and impress their rocker crush, braving one nightmare of a performance.


El Gato Feo (The Ugly Cat) | Daniel Fabelo. 15 min.

Fleeing the violence of Pancho Villa’s revolution, a widow finds refuge with a unit of female freedom fighters known as soldareras… only to discover her estranged sister among them.


The Barber | Mauricio Porfirio Cantu. 31 min. Texas Premiere.

A man with a rough past cutting his way towards a better future for himself and his community.



Thursday November 30, 2023 / 7:00pm – 10:00pm – 3 HOURS

FEATURE BLOCK 01 – The Wheel of Heaven


The Wheel of Heaven | Joseph Badon. 103 min.

A woman caught up in predatory relationships is thrown into a multi-layered world of choices after she discovers a mystical book in a thrift store.


Plays with 2 shorts:


The 44th Chamber of Shaolin | Jon Truei. 15 min.

A crackpot kung fu master makes up fake training for a gullible teenager who still believes in fantasy myths about martial arts. Inspired by the Hong Kong martial arts genre, the films of Stephen Chow, shonen anime, and MTV’s Jackass.


The Dead of Night Preview Episode | TBA. 17 min.

Sneak peek from The Dead of Night horror anthology featuring 8 stories of the twisted and macabre from filmmakers out of South Texas.



Friday December 1, 2023 / 6:00pm – 8:30pm – 2.5 HOURS

FEATURE BLOCK 02 – Where The Dead Go


Where The Dead Go | Alberto G. Rodriguez. 90 min.

Caleb Murdock is living the American Dream, one bloody nightmare at a time.
He lost his last fight, and everything he had betting on himself. He now sleeps, dreams, and kills to pay back his debts…. Or die trying.

Plays with 1 short:


Nosebleed | Christopher Rey Ambriz. 13 min. World Premiere.

A night at the movies becomes a hilarious series of mishaps and encounters for Chad, involving seating mix ups, pretentious film snobs, and a embarrassing nosebleed.



Friday December 1, 2023 / 9:00pm – 11:30pm – 2.5 HOURS

FEATURE BLOCK 03 – Fat Fleshy Fingers


Fat Fleshy Fingers | Various. 81 min. Texas Premiere.

Fat Fleshy Fingers is an anthology film that draws inspiration from the lyrics of Neutral Milk Hotel's seminal psychedelic folk album In the Aeroplane Over the Sea and tells the tales of eight hapless souls infected with a monstrous sexually transmitted parasite with eldritch powers over its host's mind. Directed by Gurleen Rai, Sophia Cacciola, Michael Elliott Dennis, Artturi Olavi Rostén, Sara Nieminen, Lauren Flinner, Anthony Cousins, Zach Strum, Heather Cunningham, and Michael Arcos.


Plays with 2 shorts:


Waka Chicka Waka | Ryan Clausen. 4 min.

Two young women hire a skeezy plumber to fix their sink.


The Dead of Night Preview Episode | TBA. 19 min.

Sneak peek from The Dead of Night horror anthology featuring 8 stories of the twisted and macabre from filmmakers out of South Texas.



Saturday December 2, 2023 / 12:30pm – 2:30pm – 2 HOURS

SHORT BLOCK 02 – Documentary


Fire Fighter | Sean Manning. 22 min. World Premiere.

A pro wrestler/ firefighter struggling through injuries and battling his real life struggles
all under the impression of becoming a successful professional wrestler and good father.


ADVERSARY | Michael Osorio. 9 min. Texas Premiere.

A documentary that follows Adrian Maciel, the high priest of The Witches and Devils Coven. Having felt outcast by Christianity for his sexual preferences, Adrian seeks to unite and empower those oppressed by major religions through his blasphemous art and the teachings of Satanism.


Dallas Marvels | Todd Kent. 10 min.

A look back at a forgotten piece of Dallas pop culture from the 80s.


Operation Tin Man | Tania Romero. 36 min.

A documentary short that follows mental health and Gold Star Family advocate Mario Ybarra Jr., the son of fallen soldier from Weslaco, Texas. The film highlights the struggles in his life with intergenerational trauma from losing his father during the Vietnam war.



Saturday December 2, 2023 / 3:00pm – 5:30pm – 2.5 HOURS

FEATURE BLOCK 04 – Irish Catholic


Irish Catholic | Katie Madonna Lee. 94 min. Premiere.

Meet Shavon O'Brien: Her family doesn't understand her, her church ignores her, even Jesus forgets about her. With only the spirit of Sinead O'Connor to guide her, Shavon battles institutional child abuse, narcissistic group think, a talking stomach and a singing poop bucket! Shavon goes from Catholic to Crusty Punk in this very, very, very, dark musical comedy!


Plays with 2 shorts:


You, Me, and the Moon | Teresa Charlene Durrwachter. 3 min.

Remembering a high school romance.


Man Eating Cereal | Davis Michael Stainfield. 9 min. World Premiere.

A young man looks back at life and finds that his career, relationships, and pleasures have all become indistinguishable from the monotonous taste of his cereal.



Saturday December 2, 2023 / 6:00pm – 8:30pm – 2.5 HOURS



From the Top | Ian Dunnahoo. 4 min.

A director wants control, but how far is he willing to go to get it?


Family Reserve | Isaac Areizaga. 18 min. Texas Premiere.

Victor is involved in an awkward family dinner at his grandparents' house. By interfering with the aggressions of his father and grandfather towards the women and the youngest of the family, Víctor refuses to drink a black wine that seems to be the cause of his family's behavior, he looks for a way out of the torment that is about to drown him and his family.


A Good Day for a Salad | Melisa Balderrama-Siles, Santiago Andres Alarcon. 16 min.

The story of Dr. Oliver Om, a biologist with Alzheimer disease that wakes up every morning to a new day without memory of the day before. What's the future like for someone who can't remember this reality and an A.I whose job is to keep him alive at any cost?


The Strawberry Jam | Laura Lionetta. 17 min. Texas Premiere.

A frugal 90s housewife finds herself tempted by a jar of gourmet strawberry jam in a most unusual grocery store . . .


The Magician | Lucy Owens. 15 min.

When Neil’s wife pressures him into visiting a psychic with unconventional methods, he is forced to confront his passivity.


Queen of the Night | Lauren E Pruitt. 8 min. Texas Premiere.

A timid young woman named Nina meets a stranger with a dark stranger that changes her life forever.


Losing Lalo | Cedric Thomas Smith. 30 min.

A soldier grappling with post-war normalcy makes a decision that devastates his family and fellow veterans as they must imagine the unimaginable, a life without him.



Saturday December 2, 2023 / 9:00pm – 12:00am – 3 HOURS

SHORT BLOCK 04 – Bad Dreams


Good Looking Out | Seth Chatfield. 2 min. Texas Premiere.

Claire and Steven find themselves lost on the way to a friend's house in the country, revealing troubling communication issues that steer them toward a darker destination.


a-Sleep | Lance Murphy. 5 min. Texas Premiere.

Do you enjoy sleeping? This woman does not... find out why.


Annihilator | Kyle Mangione-Smith. 9 min. Texas Premiere.

A nihilistic young man's obsession with snuff films leads him to a desire to star in his own.


First Blood | Olivia Loccisano. 8 min. Texas Premiere.

A teenage girl goes through a bizarre transformation after she gets her first period.


OKAY AL-i | Sarah Emery, Matthew Emery. 16 min. Texas Premiere.
As she recalls the harsh treatment received at the hands of her programmer, an android decides she's had enough.


Floater | D.M. Harring. 14 min. Texas Premiere.

After his abusive father's death, a troubled man builds a mausoleum to the relationship they never had… in his parents' bathroom, while his grief-stricken family attempts to rescue him from his madness.


Please Eat Organic | Jacob Thompson. 13 min. US Premiere.

A group of wayward hippies harboring a draft dodger cross path with a family of fundamentalist Mennonites.


WRITER'S BLOCK | Steven Schloss. 8 min. Texas Premiere.

In hopes of earning his freedom, a prisoner embarks in a bloody process involving dismemberment, excessive smoking and mutilated bunnies.


Moxie | William Venus Means. 17 min. Texas Premiere.

An exclusive orgy in Los Angeles doesn't go as planned.


Satanimation | Jason Hooper, Greg Boone. 40 min. Texas Premiere.

An art major looking for an unconventional canvas unwittingly stumbles upon her professor performing a demonic ritual that begins with a virginal sacrifice to Satan and ends with the monster from her own hellish sketch coming to life. Accompanied by a bathrobe-clad nude model, she must stop the Satan-spawn unleashed from her own tortured imagination before it spreads its evil across campus and maybe even the world.


Sunday December 3, 2023 / 1:00pm – 3:00pm – 2 HOURS

SHORT BLOCK 05 – Animation & Experimental


Language Unknown | Janelle VanderKelen. 6 min. Texas Premiere.

This film embraces plant sentience as fact and speculates how beings of the vegetal variety might approach interspecies communication with humans (who are far more sensorially limited). Leaves, mycelium, and roots playfully examine how humans experience the world, and the (supposedly) silent watchers consider what language those swift blurs of human might possibly understand.


Symbiotic | Arianna Ahrabinejad. 3 min. Texas Premiere.

Symbiotic follows Zoe, a teenage girl who finds herself plagued by a strange nightmare of a mantis couple. As the film goes on, we see two stories slowly unraveling each other as images of this nightmare persist.


Deadline | Idan Gilboa. 13 min. Texas Premiere.

A black comedy Stop-motion short that explores the power balance between bureaucracy, death and feline devotion of the elderly. At its center is a story of a brave friendship and solidarity between two senior ladies sickened by society's disregard and disrespect.


The Boy and the Crow | Tudor Om. 3 min. Texas Premiere.
The crow swallows the boy's blood of its beak. Now, the boy has only one choice left: run or stand his ground and face his fears.


Boxed Out | Rachel Cooley. 6 min. Texas Premiere.

A 2D animated, slapstick comedy about two coworkers getting into a prank war at work.


Action Figure Theater | Alan Thornburg. 28 min.

A villain. A theft. A superhero. An unexpected action-comedy.


Can We Really Know Anything About Carrots? | Scott Bateman. 6 min. World Premiere.

An artificial intelligence questions reality.


The Voice in Isabel Fleiss's Office | Jim Haverkamp. 6 min. Texas Premiere.

A woman with an unusual malady–cobweb buildup in the throat–receives an even more unusual treatment in this adaptation of a surreal poem by North Carolina writer Virgil Renfroe.


Signal | Joey Mathews. 6 min.

What happens at the intersection of darkness and light? For David, it’s a ride to self-understanding. And it has side effects. An experimental documentary into the mind of music producer, David Stükenberg.


Hemorrhage | Ruth Hayes. 4 min. Texas Premiere.

Animated agit-prop against the evisceration of American women's reproductive rights. An iterative animation process incorporating rubbings, images, text and voices from the New York Times and the Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health arguments before the United States Supreme Court moves the film from formal experimentation to an expression of outrage about the effects of abortion bans on women's health.

Sunday December 3, 2023 / 3:30pm – 5:30pm – 2 HOURS

SHORT BLOCK 06 – Voices of Tomorrow


Jessie's Girl | Alexxizz Otero. 6 min.

A boyfriend comes between two best friends at a classic high school party. Film was developed by partnership with Sleight Productions, Rockport Center for the Arts and the ACE Program, allowing Rockport High School students to write, film, direct and act in a short film.


Drive! | Leslie Willey. 5 min. World Premiere.

A film of a young man returning to his roots of what build his discipline and drive after recovering from an I jury that took him away from everything he valued in life. A beautiful uplifting reuniting with nature and the ability to overcome any hardships life may offer you.


Ghost on the Dance Floor | Edwin Raul Oliva. 12 min.

On Dia-de-los-Muertos, a young Latino attempts to go on a date as he struggles to let go of the memories of his ex.


Be a Body | Myles Garza. 3 min. World Premiere.

A young man is followed home by an unknown figure seen in the background of his vlog.


Sleepover | Jeramy Baucom. 13 min. World Premiere.

Summoning something supernatural, a group of high school friends must survive their last night together. Shoot first, eat pizza later.


#BOSSBABE | Kassy Gascho. 13 min. Texas Premiere.

Desperate to climb the ranks of Bevlon, a #girlboss pyramid scheme, Sofi throws a recruitment party for a few girlfriends. When one of her guests suddenly drops dead, Sofi and her friends must decide what matters more-their friendship or their downline.


Where We Go Now | Jayme Soliz. 21 min.

Silently unaware that this is their last average day, a clan of high school friends come together upon pondering the whereabouts of their best friend Clementine.




Sunday December 3, 2023 / 6:00pm – 9:00pm – 3 HOURS



Yikes: The Final Episode| Cris Olvera. 88 mins. World Premiere.

Finally! Here comes the long-awaited finale of the critically unaware Web Series: “Yikes”! After a yearlong absence, Basic Cable Productions, Best Boy TV, and Produce Sound Studio return with a final feature length episode!


Plays with 3 shorts:


CONTENT: The Lo-Fi Man | Brian Lonano. 15 min. Texas Premiere.

"CONTENT: The Lo-Fi Man" starts as a documentary about a beloved cult film, then turns into a youtube video until it escapes into a dystopian sci-fi adventure, upon which it transforms into a body horror film resulting in a kaiju battle finale.


The Dead of Night Preview of 2 Episodes | TBA. 36 min.

Sneak peek from The Dead of Night horror anthology featuring 8 stories of the twisted and macabre from filmmakers out of South Texas.





All films are not rated, viewer discretion is advised.

Schedule, Times, Dates and Films are Subject to change.

Films as of 10/30/2023

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