South Texas Underground Film Festival 2020
January 23- 26, 2020

STUFF 8 Program

Award Winners:

Best of Fest:     

       Ninja Badass” Ryan Harrison (Feature)

        “The Whistle” StormMiguel Florez (Feature Doc)

        “My Dinner with Werner” Maverick Moore (Short)

        “The Vasectomy Doctor” Paul Webster (Short Doc)

        “Rabbits” Riley Sugars (Student Short)

Cine de Curios:
       Best Cine de Curios Feature: “Greywood's Plot” Josh Stifter

       Best Cine de Curios Short: “The Last Delivery” Jarrod Yerkes

       Best Cine de Curios Short Doc: “Umbilicus Desidero” Michael J. Epstein
       Best Cine de Curios Horror: “Season's Bleeding” Eli Luna

       Best Cine de Curios Animation: "The Onion House" Corey Householder

       Best Cine de Curios Student: "Awesome Burger" Will J Barker

       Best LGBT Feature: “Gloria On Te Domine” Ana Torres

       Best LGBT Feature Doc: “Homo.says.what” Craig Bettendorf

        Best  LGBT Short: “Innocent Boy” Brock Cravy


       Best Sisterhood Feature: "Keep the Fire Lit: lost tribes of Texas" Fox Redsky
       Best Sisterhood Short: "Little Sicily" Nina Juliano

       Best Sisterhood Horror: "The Road Less Traveled" Lindsay Barrasse

       Best Sisterhood Experimental: "Virtual Memory" Julie Goldstein

       Best Sisterhood Animation: "Terror Fervor" Phoebe Parsons

       Best Sisterhood Student: "The Placement" Allison Mabe

Made In Texas (Hecho en Tejas):
       Best Texas Feature: "Beneath" JJ Perez

       Best Texas Feature Doc: "Now or Never: A Tony Romo Story" Chris Hanna

       Best Texas Short: "Machismo" Gabriel Duran

       Best Texas Short Doc: "Melontana" Duane Graves, Justin Meeks

       Best Texas Student: "Redbound" Kristin Quintanilla

Right STUFF:
       Spirit of STUFF  "Eat the Rainbow" Brian Benson
       Texas Vision: "Cantina" Erik Mauk

        Big As Texas: "Carnage Radio" James Fite

Up and Coming Filmmakers:
       "Cucumber" haichuan xu
Anodyne" Puspa Lohmeyer

 Made In Corpus Christi (Pepe Serna):

       "Forever: The Untold Story of Rock and Roll High School Forever"

                         Adan Gonzales (Doc Feature)

       The Quiet Shores” Alex Ramirez (Short)

       Biters” Matt Sherwood (Student)

"The Elvis":

       Innocent BoyBrock Cravy

"Paul Revere Award"

       "Exit" Michael Fausti

       "Beneath" JJ Perez

       Gloria On Te DomineAna Torres

Honorable Mention

       "Born Losers" Justin Dittrich

No official Award (medal, prize, gift) was handed out this year.