South Texas Underground Film Festival 2016
November 10 - 13, 2016

2016 STUFF Program

Award Winners:

Best of Fest:      

        Guys Reading Poems” Hunter Lee Hughes (Feature)

        “Upstairs Inferno” Robert L. Camina (Feature Doc)

        “Her Unlikely Kin” Kenneth J. Raimondi (Short)

        “The Well DrillerMathew McCoy (Short Doc)

        “Faceless, but RememberedShelby Baldock (Student Short)


Director's Choice:
       Guys Reading Poems” Hunter Lee Hughes

       "Under a Kaleidoscope" Addison Heath

        “Escalators” Daniel C. Doran

       “Stained” Phil Haine

       “Mosaic Man” Tomohiko Iwasaki

       “Japanese Legends: Slits” Pablo Absento

       “Get the Hell Out” Regan Arevalos, Jess Castro, Larry Garza

       “Return of MIZUNO” Hikaru Tsukuda

        “Gwilliam” Brian Lonano

Cine de Curios:
       Best Cine de Curios Feature: “In Search of the Exile” Clara Pais & Daniel Fawcett

       Best Cine de Curios Midnight Short: “Gwilliam” Brian Lonano
       Best Cine de Curios Horror: "Crush" Christopher McKee
       Best Cine de Curios Comedy: “Simply the Worst” Franz Mueller & Johannes Kuerschner


       Best Sisterhood Short: “January Hymn” Katherine Canty
       Best Sisterhood Experimental: "Retox" Elana Emer
       Best Sisterhood Horror: “Japanese Legends: Slits” Pablo Absento
       Best Sisterhood Animation: "Chulyen, a Crow's Tale" Cerise Lopez & Agnes Patron

Made In Texas:

       Best Texas Short: "The Test" Loris Simon Salum

Right STUFF:
       Spirit of STUFF  “A Journey of Tradition with Guru Padma Sonti” Sunil Kilaru
       Big as Texas: Twitchy Dolphin Flix
       Big as Texas: Cynthia Bergen
       “Get the Hell Out” Regan Arevalos, Jess Castro, Larry Garza

        "#holidaygreeting" Erik Mauck
       “The Example” Wyatt Cagle

       “We R the World/Mold” Dawn George

       “Lineage” Olga van den Brandt

       “STAY” Andres Gallegos

       “Sleepwalkers” Altea Claveras

Up and Coming Filmmakers:
       “mono.” Yudji Oliveira
       "Scent of Geranium" Naghmeh Farzaneh

 Made In Corpus Christi (Pepe Serna):

       Deviant Behavior” Jacob Grim (Feature)
       "The In-Between Place" Jimmy Willden (Short)

       "Pitch" Ryan Chipman (Student Short)

STUFF Medals were only given to Award Winners present at the Sunday Brunch Round Table.