South Texas Underground Film Festival 2013

October 3-6, 2013

2013 STUFF Program

Award Winners:

Cine de Curios:

       Best Cine de Curios Feature: “A Measure of the Sin” Jeff Wedding

       Best Cine de Curios Feature Doc: “Mondo Fuzz: Twilight of the Idles” Andy Ray Lemon

       Best Cine de Curios Short Doc: “Dias Como Navajas (Days like Razor)” pitu.the.kid



       Best LGBT Feature Doc: “Break Through” Aaron Hose

       Best LGBT Short: “Finding Franklin” Alex Bohs



       Best Sisterhood Feature Doc: “March On” Laura McFerrin

       Best Sisterhood Short: “Maria” Iina Hanninen

       Best Sisterhood Short Doc: “Southmost U.S.A.” Trish Dalton

Made In Texas (Hecho en Tejas):

       Best Texas Feature: “Pictures of Superheroes” Don Swaynos

       Best Texas Feature Doc: “When We Ruled H-Town” Joseph Schneider

       Best Texas Short: “Nana's Brunch” Brandon Santiago


Right STUFF:

       I love you, Apple, I love you, Orange” Horam Kim

       “Blood Cousins” Comedia A Go-Go

       No Shame Family” Rami Airola

       Arose the Coward” Buddy Calvo

       Screenwriters Brigade” Antoinette Anders

       Hit and Run” Luke McKay

       Psyche” Nikita Bulgakov

       Space Dracula” Kevin D. Lonano


Up and Coming Filmmakers:

       “Savage Witches” Daniel Fawcett & Clara Pais (Europe)

       Gut” Elias (USA)


 Made In Corpus Christi (Pepe Serna):

       “Subccultured: The Rise of DIY Rock in Corpus Christi” Richard Guerrero (Doc)

       Last Days of Night” Brian Cobos (short)

       The Plum Tree” Kippy Edge (animation)

 Jury Awards:

       Must Come Down” Kenny Riches (Feature)

       Breakin L.A.” Lemus & Castro (Vision Independiente Award)

       “Social Butterfly” Lauren Wolkstein (Short)